Abideen Jallow
May 10 2019
Staff Reporter

Batter up! This baseball season is a season worth tuning into, where the hopes for a state championship is on the rise. The varsity baseball team of Atholton High School is gaining support as they strive to achieve a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The varsity baseball team is turning it up a notch this season in hopes of great success. Coach Dupski has persevered throughout the season, earning a winning record along the way. Rigorous practices, a strong mentality, and lots of effort have all been put into this home run of a season.

The highlight of this year for varsity baseball occurred on April 24 against Oakland Mills High School. The game got out of hand with a score of 14-0. The varsity team shutout the Oakland Mills varsity team. Even when the score was high, the Raiders continued to play hard with no let up. They scored as many as six points in one inning, a scary sight for teams Atholton is to face in the future. With the persevering mentality the team has, there’s no limit to their for success.

“The best part about competing is being able to get the win, which sends a statement to other teams,” said Junior Tony Puciloski, the varsity right fielder. The team has a lot of confidence and work ethic which allows them to stay in the win column.

With each player giving it their all every game, the confidence boost is at an all-time high. The more the team competes, the more wins are earned, and the opposing teams have no choice but to recognize Atholton’s success.  

“To improve our game as a team, we all work hard and listen to coach Dupski’s instructions,” said Senior Evan Feuerman, the varsity team captain. Evan also mentioned that his team has proved to have the IT factor game in and game out.

They don’t have time to play around when their season could end due to even one  slip-up. “Coach Dupski is the one who enforces the hard work,” said Fuerman. He is the main anchor that keeps the team in the right state of mind and strives for them to play at their highest level.

The unity that the baseball team has just gives them more of an advantage and a major confidence boost when heading into each game. “I know our team has the potential to win the state championship because we have the talent and our bond is strong,” said Junior Chris Bookter, the varsity outfielder. He says they always work hard and don’t have time to slack off.

The make-up of various skilled players on the team contribute to the dominance of each opponent. With the addition of a strong bond between each of the players on the team, there’s just no way the team can falter if the bond is that strong between everyone. The confidence each player has serves for a great run throughout the rest of the year.

Heading into each game the athletes do their best in order to receive good results. Playing aggressive is a great strategy these players use that separates them from several other players. “My goal is to be aggressive and do whatever I can to help my team win,” said Junior Mikey Burton, the varsity pitcher. Either you give it your all or you hurt the team and let everyone down around you, according to Burton.  

“Players have to balance the demanding baseball schedule with school and home life which is tough. I am proud that they have persevered and succeeded even when they weren’t at their best,” said coach Dupski of the varsity baseball team.

Even when faced with adversity, the baseball team has still been able to get the job done night in and night out. Coach Dupski has been able to handle this well considering the winning record the team has. His effective coaching style has allowed his players to develop into the athletes they are. With the success this team has, there’s no possibility of striking out.

Posted by ajallow2

Abideen Jallow is 17 years old and he is from Dallas, Texas. This is his fourth year at Atholton High School. He likes playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. His favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers, and his favorite music artist is A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

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