Erin Edwards
Section Editor
June 14, 2019

Yesterday, students across Atholton High School voted for Student Government Association class officers to represent them across the school. The winners of the elections were:

Executive Board:
Co-Presidents: Isha Santhosh and Chera Yoon

Class of 2020:
President: Justine Nguyen
Vice President: Erin Edwards

Class of 2021:
Vice President: Niki Patel
Secretary: Autumn Wenstrom
Treasurer: Maggie Fan

Class of 2022:
President: Ally Nguyen
Vice President: Myiesha Padder
Secretary: Sammar Jaffery
Treasurer: Krushi Shah

Congratulations to all of the winners! There will be a meeting after school on Monday, June 17 in Mr. Stuppy’s room, Room C141, for new and current SGA members to welcome the new officers and start planning for next year. The new SGA can hardly wait for all of the exciting events taking place next year!

Posted by Erin Edwards

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